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Promoter for All genre from Country to Rock to 14000 Radio Stations

This is all radio stations in the USA and all over the world

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We provide World Wide Airplay to any genre of music in the USA and all over the world, 14000 Radio Stations!

We have been a music / record promoter to radio stations since 1996. Did you know most radio and internet station do not report to the charting services, as a matter of fact, only 5 % actually do. That is 5% of the whole world population. We help you get your music ready for download on all the major internet digital sites like Amazon , Apple iTunes ,Spotify , Jango etc. so your music will be ready to be sold. We will then get your music out to the world for as little as $350.00 with a guarantee to reach every station in the world. We will provide you a report of every station that has interest and downloaded your music for airplay.  

It does not matter where you music is being played as long as it is and well received and loved by the listeners, that's the bottom line.

At the end of the day, you are being heard! and it's for real, no gimmicks or smoke and mirrors. 

Do Your Part

To be successful, you need to provide use with a well produced and digitally mastered  .mp3 track of your best song or songs, setup your digital downloads through or similar website to get your music added to iTunes, amazon etc, and we will do the rest .

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